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    Asked the driver to slow down as he was speeding, he kicked us out and called us racist. Called to report him and the service rep obviously just stuck up for him. Left us on the side of the road. Will never book another taxi with them. Taxi driver reported to cops. DO NOT BOOK WITH BLACK CABS!!! Especially taxi 3495!!!

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    Forgot today around 3:30pm my laptop on the 13cabs #MO0397. Want to thank the driver for honesty and effort to bring my laptop back. He didn’t even accept a cash reward. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Wished there were more drivers like him. He stood already out
    On a different note the 13cabs customer service 1. Booking connected me to lost property even when I told them not to. Had to wait >5min to even get somebody on the phone.
    2. Lost property just has an answer machine service which informs you that machine is full and to try another time.
    3. The customer relationship operator had me waiting 15 min with horrible advertisement for cabs just being a touch away to then – exactly at 4pm when office closes – transfer me to an answer machine.
    4. The receptionist – very friendly- connected me to somebody who created a record and sent a message to the driver. The she asked me to offer an incentive or to pay the fare for the driver to return the item to me. She claimed the driver is in the outskirts of Melbourne. Alternatively driver will drop the laptop at next police station. While agreeing on the fare (not much choice if one needs the item back) the driver was already waving towards me – with my laptop in his hands. So much for outskirts.
    In summary: wonderful driver who I cannot thank enough for his kindness (sorry, don’t even have his name) and shockingly bad customer service from the back office with one receptionist exception. Please, get the game up at call center and lost property to make the drivers proud to work for this company and the clients happy.

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    Had 5 cabs refuse my fare, one even kick me out of his cab as it wasn’t far enough.

    This is illegal.


    These 4 refused my fare. The one who kicked me out, he drove off before I could get a photo.

    Disgusting service.

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    Absolutely appalled at the behaviour of a maxi taxi driver my grandfather received on Christmas Day; My grandfather is a double amputee who requires a maxi taxi to cater for him and his wheel chair. A taxi was booked far inadvance due to the popular demand of Christmas Day, not only did the driver not acknowledge my grandfather for the whole 40min trip, he spoke the entire time in his native language on the phone. When my grandfather arrived at my house; the final destination. He didn’t acknowledged me after I said “good morning, merry Christmas, thank you for bringing pop down.” He just got in a got my grandfather out. When it came to paying the bill the driver would not accept my grandfathers ‘multi purpose taxi program’ card – a card provided to disabled passengers which entitles a discounted fair, in our case a double amputee. He says in an arrogant manner “doesn’t work!!” I said “I’m sorry sir but that is impossible we use this card regularly for medical appointments,etc” he replied with “I said it doesn’t work, how you going to pay??!!” He wouldn’t budge, so I paid the full fair. He wouldn’t allow me to take a photo of his ID, he told me that I didn’t need that. I explained that I did as I was making a complaint about the lack of service we were provided with. His reply was a fake complaints number. Then had the cheek to ask if we wanted a return fair. My grandfathers response to that was “no thanks”

    I was disgusted with the while experience, no compassion or Christmas spirit. And the fact that I paid full price for a service that was no where near worth paying for.

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    Driver Taxi ID 543158. Rude rude rude. Arrived in Melbourne and walked to Southbank to buy dinner. On my own, and a bit frightened to walk home in the dark, I thought I’d cab it back to my hotel. I apologised for the short ride but received the biggest rolling of eyes and disgust. He then proceeded to continue his phone call until we arrived at the hotel (which turned out to be $8.20 for less than five mins) he continued his call whilst he said he didn’t have change of $20 so I paid by card. Sad to say he’s letting his Indian colleagues down with attitude like that. 13 CABS TEACH YOUR DRIVERS SOME MANNERS OR DE LICENCE THEM.

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    Last Friday night I took a Black Cab from Federation Square to Chapel St South Yarra.
    The driver wouldn’t let me use the ‘tap and go’ facility on the eftpos terminal, insisting the card had to be processed by him. He took the card and I had to ask several times for him to give it back. Because it was 2 am I think he assumed I was intoxicated – which was absolutely incorrect. I paid the fare in cash……but by Tuesday night my bank account was well on the to being cleared out. Coincidence? I don’t think so!
    I contacted Black Cabs to discuss with them, but to date nobody has bothered to contact me. Driver details have been passed onto the fraud dept of my bank.

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    We were in Melbourne for the Cup and had 3 very good taxi drivers until Wednesday 5th. We had a Taxi booked to pick us up from the Mantra in Southbank at 8.30am to take us to the Budget Car Rental Office in Franklin Street. When he turned up he told us he could only take us to the Airport and refused to take us to Franklin Street, he then left. We walked to the rank around the corner and another driver refused to take us to Franklin Street, he also said he would only take us to the Airport. As a visitor to Melbourne I was appalled that these people are representing your City. The first contact most visitors have is with a taxi driver and a bad one can leave a poor first impression.

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    I was picked up by Black Cabs Victoria at 10.30 pm from Eltham for a taxi fare of $80.30 which took me to my Hotel in Little Collins Street in the C B D. When we arrived at our destination, we paid and then got out of the Taxi, my Husband realized very quickly that he had left his reading glasses in the Cab. We rang straight-away(within 1 minute) of exiting the Cab, the operator connected me to the lost property department which closed at 4.00pm, how useless was that when it was well and truly after 11.20pm at this stage. My Husband then rang back and got the same treatment, they advised him they could not call the Taxi Driver to see if he could check the Cab and return with the glasses…Very Very Bad Customer Service….This does not happen in Perth..Our Taxi Drvers are contacted andcreturn within minutes if anything like this happens… Still can not believe we were connected to a Department thatvclosed hours earlier.

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    Not happy at all after a taxi driver nearly crashing into my car after him not giving way. Once he seen me he continued to peruse driving in the same direction as me and did not stop to let me get into my lane(as I had right of way) if someone could please give me a number so I can put a formal complaint

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    I got a cab last night to take me to work
    The driver was the usual arrogant type, just letting me struggle with my suitcase, tried to talk me into going a certain way, but I win that fairly easily by not overreacting, and holding firm
    We finally agreed on a route and I settled down
    As we rounding from Toorak Road into Chapel Street a young couple stepped out into the road, as they had a green walk light
    The taxi nearly ran them over
    I screamed what the f— are you doing they nearly got run over by you!
    The driver as is usual immediately started yelling and lying that they just walked out in front of the taxi and that they had not had a green walk light
    It was not possible to have a conversation as he just yelled over me and was mostly concerned that I had sworn at him, not that he had driven dangerously
    This kept going until we reached my destination
    He was taunting me to report him. His number is 542925 and the incident occurred at 9.10pm 29.6.2014
    I am very tired of these taxi drivers from the sub continent
    They drive dangerously, scream with outrage when you point this out to them, and lie as a matter of course
    If not supervised they will take you the long way round, and have an incredibly arrogant attitude, particularly towards women
    Of course not all of them are like this, some are very nice, but the majority are not
    I have cut down my taxi use because if them
    Taking a taxi is no longer a treat
    It is frequently an occasion on which to be abused, or experience dangerous driving

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    can you book a particular cab by driver id – ??
    ( i have the id )

    i was quite impressed by the service that i received by a driver & would like to use him again

    i look forward to hearing back from you



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    My father has to take a taxi every week to the Austin hospital, so the first thing he wants to do after his appointments is to go home. We kindly asked one of your taxi drivers who parked in a 5 minute waiting bay for a lift but he refused. He then went ahead and cleaned his taxi in front of everyone who was freezing their bums off in the cold waiting for another taxi.

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    Today we tried to catch a cab from William and Bourke to The Windsor Hotel on Spring st. Cab number m2991 was absolutely appalling. He would not accept us, stating indifferently ‘i can’t be bothered’ . As he was first in line in a taxi rank, evidently no other cab would take us, nobody caring that we were cold and just wanting to return to our hotel. We called an uber whom promptly arrived within 4 minutes. Because of this horrendous experience I will not be using your company again and using solely ubers

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    I will never use Black Cabs again. Driver was unable to communicate, didn’t even know he was Delivering a parcel, thought he had a pickup. Then when I questioned the charges, could not explain the breakdown of charges. So I call Head office to ask what Others, Extras and Service fee, the booking clerk could not tell me either. So I spoke to a Supervisor and to my surprise even she could not tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I got hit from behind by black cab taxi while i was waiting red light to turn green.
    No panel shop would fix my car cause taxi owners do not want to pay, and he insists for me to take my car to his back yard panel repairs to get it done. He is very rude on the phone and doesnt want to give me his insurance company.
    I might go to the court cause damage is close to 10 000 on my car and waste my time and money on them

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    Yes! Thank you! I got my wallet back although $50 is missing. But I got everything else back

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    i already put a complaint in, normally takes 3 weeks, it is now 5 weeks, what are they doing

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    just had a trip to melbourne and decided to use cabs instead of hiring a car, out of six cabs had two great drivers .one russian great guy friendly . old italian guy funny, great with kids for the same trip fare varied no more than $2.oo very impressed then we had three indians , rude ,did’nt speak havnt got a clue why they drive cabs except that no one else would employ them if they had to deal with the public. then we got the rude thief that increased the fare that had cost me between $18.20 to $16 80 then this guy charges me $49.60 when chalenged his comment was toll ,toll . do not use this company only use silver top , far superior drivers and did not get ripped off no wonder cabs in melboure get a bad rap. cab number 3113 drver number 551820 you can emagine how travellers to melboure feel when ripped off next time limo or hire car and i was warned not to use this company even my local children tell the cab drver not to go toll way as they use this to rip you off . left a bad taste in my mouth and a hole in my wallet

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    last night I cought taxi city to home driver was very friendly.he helped me as much.even I short with money he said don’t worry I will come tommo your place to collect money then I realise not all human are bad

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    Today I caught a black cab in Edgecliff Rd in Sydney to go to Bondi Rd! The driver didnt know where Bondi Rd was and I expressed astonishment but said Id direct him! He then answered his phone briefly and I asked him to get into the right lane to turn right! He missed the turn and drove into an alley behind Bondi Junction and told me I could get out!! I was frightened but got out quickly and walked around to the intersection of Bondi Rd and Old Sth Head! I then noticed the cab pulling up near me at the lights and he began shouting abuse at me! Ive been trying to trace the cab number to call but am not having any luck! I stupidly didnt/couldnt see his cab no! This driver should be taken off the road.

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    last Sunday I left my iPad in one of this black taxi cab from the city to home I’ve been calling the lost property ever since will be on the phone for minutes and minutes to talk to someone but yet i always get told to leave a message and ive been leaving messages after messages but haven’t heard from anyone. NOT HAPPY AT ALL

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    I took a cab, $11 ride, very short, in Sydney. Paid by card. Big mistake.
    A month later I checked my credit card, the drive has billed me $111 . I wrote to black cabs, but haven’t heard yet.
    But they’ll hear from my Melbourne lawyer boyfriend soon.

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    Today , around 2 pm..2 cabs were booked from the Senior Citizens Centre, 80 Hawdon St, Heidelberg.. The first cab to arrive was a Station Wagon.. 3 Elderly Ladies, with their Wheelies, were waiting..The Driver passed them by.. His Car door was locked.. when I said ” Hey ? where are you going.(as in what address , do you have ??) He did not reply, twice I asked him.. .. His response ..”Where I come from we do not take kindly to that form of address” !!! Hey.. I am 71. Aussie thru and thru…I meant NO disrespect but I am still shaking at his Vicious Outpouring… NOT HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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