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Adelaide Access Taxis has been operating for nearly 3 years. So far there have been some significant changes made to the operations of Access Taxis including the dispatch and telephone booking system, namely;

  • 10 dedicated telephone lines
  • Customer PIN numbers which allow regular booking details to be kept on record so customers don’t have to go through full details every time they call for an Access taxi
  • Dedicated, trained telephonist staff
  • Jobs pre-allocated
  • Assisting clients by scheduling bookings Micro-managing the day to day operations
  • Queue status to allow monitoring of incoming calls and evaluate staff performance
  • Assistance provided in planning taxi trips and returns for hospitals, nursing homes etc
  • Analyse software program to monitor and evaluate calls daily
  • Software to identify peak demand periods and hourly statistics
  • Experienced drivers who care about their job
  • Sponsorship and marketing partnerships with clients
  • Dedicated hands-on Supervisor and Team Leader for Adelaide Access Taxis
  • Bookings displayed in advance to drivers for better fleet efficiency and service
  • Notifying client of delay or advise of times of peak demand and assist in re-scheduling booking

Adelaide Access Taxis is constantly evaluating the taxi service it offers.  Comprehensive and continuous training of staff and drivers is provided and education and awareness of consumers is emphasised.  Communication and discussion with the interstate and local consumers, carers and service providers is given priority and interstate experiences are analysed so we can learn what works and what does not.  At all times feedback about the service is encouraged and suggestions are implemented as policy when deemed appropriate.

Visit Adelaide Access Taxis website.

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3 Responses to Adelaide Access Taxis

  1. jane procenko says:

    would like pik up from happy valley to grange at 7,30..sat 22nd and return to same at 10.30….for 6 much

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  2. Darryl Sellwood says:

    For us guys with communication disabilities it would be really useful if you have a way that we could contact you about bookings by text, such as a SMS number or using an online chat like skype or even setup a facebook page just us to contact you.

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  3. Tania says:

    So disgusted to have to offer assistance to one of your passengers who was disabled and in a mobility scooter at Clovercrest shops SA today due to being ‘forgotten’ by her booked driver today!! She had contacted you a couple of times to check when she would be collected and been told 5 minutes, obviously not!!! This lady was dependant on oxygen and her clearly struggling in the heat. Once the dispatcher realised her booked driver had taken another fare a new taxi arrived in practically minutes! Poor form guys, particularly for the dependant members of our community.

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